Write Your Life’s Story

A wise woman once said, “Your life is a class. Teach with Your life.”

What better foundation to draw your lessons from than your own experiences? It’s time to share your story in a unique way! During this course you will create a devotional style biography by tying your own life lessons, experiences, joys and wisdom into the truth of the Word of God. Everyone has a testimony and everyone loves a good story. It’s your personal account of your life’s events that will edify and strengthen your chosen audience.

Join me for just one hour a week to lay the foundation and plan of execution for your next devotional.

Our goal for this course is to help you produce a tangible product. In your case, a well-written book draft! If finishing your devotional this coming year is #1 on your list of priorities, don’t delay, secure your spot!

April 11 – June 13, 2020
Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. 

World Changers Church International
Administrative Meeting Room
2500 Burdett Road | College Park, GA 30349

Cost: $175.00

Seating is limited.  Enrollment closes March 28, 2020 or seating capacity is reached.

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Robyn L. Norwood is an author and the owner of Norwood Publications, LLC. She has taught writing courses on the World Changers Bible School platform since 2017 and has assisted over 70 authors with the development of their nonfiction titles. Her personal style is hands on effective and her delivery is transparent and engaging.

Robyn is also a Special Educator within the Atlanta Public School District and finds fulfillment in positively impacting the lives of her students. She currently resides in Metro Atlanta with family.